It seems that I am supposed to fill out this “About” page and some of those perusing this blog may even be interested in reading about the person behind the posts. Strangely enough, for someone writing a blog (a seemingly narcissistic endeavour) I don’t care to talk about myself. Enough whining… let’s give it a shot:

I am in my late 30s and have been interested in technology and gadgets for as long as I can remember. My father built the first computer I ever used and I remember loading in games (all text-based) from a cassette tape and then having to correct the errors in the BASIC code before being able to play them. I was hooked at that early age and except for a few short detours have been working with computers ever since. My first job as a teen was doing AutoCAD drafting. In high school, I wrote a customized AutoLISP program that did automated flight planning (I was also a pilot). AutoCAD also helped me pay my through college. Following college, I joined the Navy but continued to play with computers as a hobby. AOL and BBS became my connection to a new online world until I found an ISP I could use to connect to the true internet with Mosaic. Following the Navy, I returned to my AutoCAD roots with a civil engineering firm until they needed a network installed in their office. Putting that network in place was my launching point for the job(s) that I have today as a Network Engineer and Director of Managed Services.

Computers are my work as well as a passion. I also enjoy video games (when there is time), movies, and all sorts of electronic gizmos. My predilection for all things digital has earned me the nickname Gadget in some circles. It may have been a mild insult at first, but I can live with being called Gadget.


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