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Technothaurity? A little pretentious, don’t you think?

The name may come across as being a bit pretentious although tone of this blog and its content are intended to be accessible to anyone, not just the technology elite. The name of this blog was chosen for two simple reasons:

  1. The most important reason – it was available. Have you tried to come up with a catchy, simple, usable, and apropos internet domain name that isn’t already taken? Let me assure you, it is not a simple task.
  2. I have enjoyed, dreamed of, fiddled with, read about, worked on, studied and been immersed in technology for almost my entire life. This means that I have acquired a good bit of knowledge about the subject and when I don’t know something, I can usually: figure it out, know someone who does, or know where to look it up.

This does not mean that I consider myself an authority on all things technological. Far from it. One of the things that I enjoy about working with technology is that there is so much to learn and the tech landscape is constantly and rapidly changing. It is impossible to learn everything… but it sure is fun to try. Authority? No. Knowledgeable? Sure. Enthusiast? Absolutely.

Being such an enthusiast for so long has made me a bit of a “Go-to Guy” when people have questions about computers, the internet, TVs, or just about anything with buttons. This blog is intended to share a little bit of insight, opinion, and acquired knowledge with anyone who stumbles upon it and shares an interest.

Comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.